if you are based over 4 miles, please ring through to the restaurant

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Thank you for reaching the FAQ’s. The FAQ’s section should hopefully answer any questions you may have.

1) Are you an independent?

Yes 100% this is our only business. We have no other stores or part of any chains or umbrella groups of restaurants.

2) I’m having issues logging in – what do I do?

Please reset your password and also check your junk mail for the link.

3) I reset my password and it did not work

Please email redroselounge@hotmail.com with your name and number. We will inform our 3rd party provider of this issue and will get back to you.

4) I have a complaint about my order, what do I do?

Please ring the restaurant in the first instance and a member of staff will be able to help you 023 9226 2846 or 023 92 267759

5) I’d much rather email about my complaint

We’re happy to receive emails, but please be aware this checked on an ad-hoc basis and we will aim to respond withing 72 hours. Calling through the restaurant is the quickest solution.

6) Who are your delivery partners?

We have partnerships with the following partners: Please be aware when you order through our website we have 100% control of your order and can make changes quickly if necessary.

JustEat – They do 100% of our deliveries for orders through the JustEat platform. They also charge us 36% of the value of the order.

UberEats – We deliver UberEats orders 100% on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. On Weekdays it depends on our capacity. When we deliver – it will show a £2.50 charge. We will also be charged 18% of that order value. When UberEats deliver usually during weekdays they charge us 32% of the order value.

Havant & Waterlooville Eats – They do 100% of our deliveries for orders through the H&W Eats platform. They also charge us 28% of the value of the order.

Deliveroo – We deliver Deliveroo orders; they charge us 18% of the value of the order.

7) What do I do if I have a complaint with the order; when I order through your delivery partners?

In all instances please call your platform provider. They are the middleman; each platform provider has a customer service number.

8) I ordered through your platform partner; why is my delivery taking ages?

Please call the relevant delivery partners customer service number. We are unable to see full address details and they can tell you the status of the order. Most likely the drivers are on multi trips.

9) How can I support the business with my order?

Please order on the website or call the restaurant directly. 100% of the order will go to the restaurant.

10) Do you cater for parties/events and can I book the whole restaurant?

Yes to all! Please ring through to the restaurant and ask to speak to Tony or Shakir.

11) Why do you not respond to bad reviews on your delivery partners platforms.

9.5/10 these customers have not called the restaurant and allowed us to sort the issue out there and then. We decided as a business that if a customer is truly unhappy, they will be in touch. 99% of the time we will always resolve in the customer’s favour – having conversations through a review doesn’t help us get to a happy solution.

12) How often is your social media checked?

This is checked on an ad-hoc basis. Best way to get through the restaurant is either through a direct call during opening hours, an email (which we try to respond in 72hrs) or a letter.

13) Why am I being charged a bag fee?

All businesses are required by law to charge customers for certain types of carrier bags. The fee charged is based on how many bags the restaurant uses on average across all orders. Please see the link below.


14) I didn’t receive a bag, can I please be refunded?

This is a blanket charge for the general amount of bags used by restaurants following government guidance that all businesses are required to charge for all plastic carrier bags they provide. It does not necessarily mean you will receive a bag as the fee is based on how many bags the restaurant uses on average across all orders.

15) Can I say I don’t need bags so I don’t have to pay the bag fee?

No, it is not possible to opt out of having bags.

16) Is Parking free?

Yes the car park is free after 6pm each evening and free all day Sunday.

17) Do you have free Wi-Fi in the restaurant?

Yes we do!

18) Why have your prices increased?

This is unfortunately due to an incredible rise in costs. Supplier costs and the increase of Gas & Electric (which has risen 100% in our most recent contract!) has led to a price increase that we did not want to make. We've pride ourselves in offering high quality restaurant food at prices that is appealing to our local area. If you chose to pay by cash, you can still save 10% off the food bill! For our dine in customers we allow you to bring in your own alcohol with a small surcharge on using our glasses. This means you can bring your favourite drink and only pay for the food. Our prices are still very low compared to a lot of our restaurant and takeaway competitors. Thank you for understanding.

258 London Road, Waterlooville, Portsmouth, Hampshire,

Call: 02392262846, 02392 267759

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